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Playbook Takeaways: How Successful Firms Approach Diversity & Inclusion

December 2, 2021

Diversity and inclusion within our law firms is an important topic to discuss as it pertains not only to the overall well-being of our firms, but more importantly, the wellbeing of our firms’ most important resources, our people.

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Making an Impact in a Whirlwind of Change

December 2, 2021

As the year winds down, I am trying to reflect back and actually remember what happened in 2021. Forget every day feeling like “Blursday” — this entire year went by in a flash, and I can barely differentiate between 2020 and 2021.

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How Legal Organizations Can Restructure Their Culture and Adapt to Changing Norms

December 2, 2021

Employees are driving the industry to make positive shifts in the work environment.

It’s no secret that law firms are typically traditional when it comes to culture. They may have set working hours every day and are not as flexible as other companies. They might encourage competition, expect lawyers and staff to give their all to their jobs, and not be concerned about burnout, even though it’s quite common.

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How to Spot the Early Signs of a Ransomware Attack — and Take Action

December 2, 2021

Ransomware will cost the economy $20 billion in 2021 — and the legal industry is not immune from this threat. In fact, lawyers, legal staff, law firms and court systems are rich targets for cybercriminals because they are trusted with a significant amount of sensitive data.

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Does Your Firm Know When It’s at Risk of Losing Employees?

December 2, 2021

As employees gain the upper hand in the job market, watch out for these warning signs of departure. Here’s a tough but critically important question: Does your firm know when it’s at risk of losing its employees?

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The Importance of Pro Bono Work in Your Practice

November 18, 2021

Pro bono work can touch nearly every part of your career, from your personal development to your community impact, making it a vital activity for anyone serious about the legal profession. Here are just a few elements that make pro bono work such a critical part of legal work.

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Affinity Consulting Group

November 15, 2021

At Affinity Consulting, we inspire, enable, and empower legal teams to work more efficiently. Our holistic approach addresses the roles of people, process and technology in optimizing law firm performance.

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Developing a Growth Mindset with The Successful Firm Project

November 15, 2021

In this article, a successful firm shares its strategy for growing business, staff and revenue.

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Organically Connected: How One Firm’s Quest to Attract Top Talent Made Them a National Leader in Diversity

November 12, 2021

When Les Bookoff and Roland McAndrews established their patent counseling and prosecution firm in 2012, they made recruiting and retaining the industry’s top talent their primary focus. Nearly a decade later, the byproduct of that approach is a nationally recognized firm — both for the work they do and the diverse team of attorneys who do it.

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Huddle Up! How Technology Competency Drives Firm Profitability

November 9, 2021

In this panel discussion, members of LTC4™ (Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition) will demonstrate how successful firms become more profitable through technology competency. In this presentation, you will learn how technology competence impacts profitability through: Onboarding new hires effectively, improving billable time collection and reducing security risks.

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SFP Huddle: Top Takeaways from Making Mental Health Matter

James Cornell, the Office Administrator for Shook, Hardy & Bacon, was the featured Subject Matter Coach for the Successful Firm Project’s inaugural huddle: How Successful…

Responding to Stressful Workday Situations

If we look closely at how we think throughout a workday, it turns out that for most of the day we’re simply bouncing from thought to thought — without much awareness of the quality of those thoughts.

Getting to the Bottom of Burnout

If you’re seeing signs of employee burnout, these tips can help you cut it off before it becomes a bigger problem.

Burnout is a tricky thing, and it feels like an even weightier term given the last year. You have to be on your toes when it comes to it, and when you least expect it, it can pause or even derail a career. If it’s happening with one of your firm’s lawyers, it can trickle down to the firm’s support staff.

How to Offer a Successful Long-Term Care Insurance Benefit

Long-term care insurance (LTCI) products and enrollment have gone through many twists and turns in the past 10 years. The question many law firms ask is “How do we successfully offer an LTC benefit?”

Raising the Value of Employee Reviews

Follow these 6 tips for effective performance management at your law firm.

Successful performance management should be a top priority for every law firm. But without the right plan and tools, the employee review process can be an administrative nightmare and can ultimately fall flat in its value to both the firm and its employees.

What Makes a Successful Firm?

The Successful Firm Project is a professional network of law firms and solution providers committed to sharing best practices for law firm success. Our mission is to inspire business success for law firm teams through shared experiences, resources and networking. The SFP Leadership Advisory Board is comprised of legal management professionals who possess unique visions about the future of law firms in the 21st century. We asked them to share their outlook on what makes a successful firm.

Poll: Mental Health and Your Workforce

The pandemic has caused burnout, stress, and different types of anxiety among professionals in every industry. Organizations are working to better understand the value that mental health and advocacy provides their teams.

Poll: Re-Opening Gaps

Time management is a critical success factor for all business development personnel, but many associations include their BD teams in a large amount of non-sales activity.

The Role of Tech in Client Communications

In the last year, many legal organizations have done a good job of focusing on their internal technological needs. But fewer have fully explored how technology can enhance their client relationships.

Pandemic Liability Protections Aren’t Immunity

Demonstrating proof that your law firm has complied with all applicable COVID-19 workplace safety protocols will be critical to a defense against lawsuits, insurance claims and affordable liability insurance coverage in the new normal. Like any risk management strategy, understanding the when, why and how can be daunting — especially in a scenario like an unprecedented pandemic, when guidelines and regulations were ever-changing and differed from state to state.

Who’s the E-Billing Boss? Likely Your Client

As more clients dictate e-billing processes, legal organizations of all sizes will need to get acquainted with outside counsel guidelines. Pop quiz: Who controls legal billing and case management: the law firm or the client?

Making Mental Health Matter

This CE course offers a real conversation about creating an agenda of change in legal organizations.

Top Talent Wants a Lifestyle, Not a Workplace

In 2020, businesses faced demands for radical transparency. Across the professional service industries, including law, the calls were often coming from inside the house.

Virtual Care Makes Mental Health More Accessible for Employees

It has been said, in nearly every way possible, that 2020 was a brutally tough year. While the year definitely presented many challenges, there were also many learning opportunities.

COVID-19: One Year Later

In a year of many changes, we examine which ones will have staying power. All of us have been touched personally and professionally by COVID-19. As the world passes the one-year mark of when everything we knew shifted, legal organizations are grappling with an unprecedented mix of challenges as they strive for profitability while protecting the health of employees and clients.


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How AI Is Accelerating Progression Through Contract Management Maturity

While we’ve all been looking forward to 2021 since March, most law firms and corporations are only now in full planning mode — albeit maybe not quite the planning they were expecting.

A Digital Mailroom Built for Law Firms in the New Normal

As we continue to find ourselves working outside of our usual offices, many law firms are finding that they need a digital mailroom, not an ad hoc scan-to-email workaround. That was a mere triage solution at the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. Attorneys and staff working from home require reliable, secure delivery of inbound daily postal and overnight mail arriving at the main office. And they need on-call access to paper records back in the main office file rooms. A productive, secure digital mailroom operation is the most practical solution.

Your Remote Workers: A Target for Cybercrime

Work-from-home (WFH) is here to stay. COVID-19 accelerated the transition to remote working and has left many firms struggling to manage the ripple effects of cybersecurity and compliance.

Pandemic Priorities: Your People

Now more than ever, employee satisfaction is critical. Organizations managing remote work environments often face challenges they never anticipated. This is true for large and small law firms, corporations and other businesses — whether their work-from-home situation is temporary or the new normal.