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Playbook Takeaways: How Successful Firms Approach Diversity & Inclusion

December 2, 2021

Diversity and inclusion within our law firms is an important topic to discuss as it pertains not only to the overall well-being of our firms, but more importantly, the wellbeing of our firms’ most important resources, our people.

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Making an Impact in a Whirlwind of Change

December 2, 2021

As the year winds down, I am trying to reflect back and actually remember what happened in 2021. Forget every day feeling like “Blursday” — this entire year went by in a flash, and I can barely differentiate between 2020 and 2021.

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How Legal Organizations Can Restructure Their Culture and Adapt to Changing Norms

December 2, 2021

Employees are driving the industry to make positive shifts in the work environment.

It’s no secret that law firms are typically traditional when it comes to culture. They may have set working hours every day and are not as flexible as other companies. They might encourage competition, expect lawyers and staff to give their all to their jobs, and not be concerned about burnout, even though it’s quite common.

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How to Spot the Early Signs of a Ransomware Attack — and Take Action

December 2, 2021

Ransomware will cost the economy $20 billion in 2021 — and the legal industry is not immune from this threat. In fact, lawyers, legal staff, law firms and court systems are rich targets for cybercriminals because they are trusted with a significant amount of sensitive data.

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Does Your Firm Know When It’s at Risk of Losing Employees?

December 2, 2021

As employees gain the upper hand in the job market, watch out for these warning signs of departure. Here’s a tough but critically important question: Does your firm know when it’s at risk of losing its employees?

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The Importance of Pro Bono Work in Your Practice

November 18, 2021

Pro bono work can touch nearly every part of your career, from your personal development to your community impact, making it a vital activity for anyone serious about the legal profession. Here are just a few elements that make pro bono work such a critical part of legal work.

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Affinity Consulting Group

November 15, 2021

At Affinity Consulting, we inspire, enable, and empower legal teams to work more efficiently. Our holistic approach addresses the roles of people, process and technology in optimizing law firm performance.

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Developing a Growth Mindset with The Successful Firm Project

November 15, 2021

In this article, a successful firm shares its strategy for growing business, staff and revenue.

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Organically Connected: How One Firm’s Quest to Attract Top Talent Made Them a National Leader in Diversity

November 12, 2021

When Les Bookoff and Roland McAndrews established their patent counseling and prosecution firm in 2012, they made recruiting and retaining the industry’s top talent their primary focus. Nearly a decade later, the byproduct of that approach is a nationally recognized firm — both for the work they do and the diverse team of attorneys who do it.

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Huddle Up! How Technology Competency Drives Firm Profitability

November 9, 2021

In this panel discussion, members of LTC4™ (Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition) will demonstrate how successful firms become more profitable through technology competency. In this presentation, you will learn how technology competence impacts profitability through: Onboarding new hires effectively, improving billable time collection and reducing security risks.

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Balancing Tradition with Progress

Law firms juggle digital efficiencies with the human touch.

Summer Jurrells, PHR, SHRM-CP, arrived as Administrator of Husch Blackwell LLP’s Austin, Texas, office in March 2020 — one week before the entire staff was sent home to work remotely in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shaking Up the Law Firm Management Structure

Alternative business structures are allowing non-lawyers to share in law firm profits.

It’s been one year since Arizona announced it was implementing a new way for law offices to “bring long overdue innovation to the legal field.” That innovation? Licensing alternative business structures (ABS), which “opens the door for non-lawyer investment in law firms, and profit-sharing within firms with non-lawyers as incentives to bring in top talent.”

Huddle Up! Financial Trends for Successful Firms

  Jordan Turk, Legal Content and Compliance Manager, with LawPay and Melissa Chambers, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions, with LawPay joined SFP network this week…

Finding Common Ground

We’ve got advice for managing conflict in your legal organization.

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable — including within legal organizations. Failing to address such discord can negatively affect firm morale and potentially drive away valued lawyers and staff.

Poll: Financial Roadblocks

Finance teams face a variety of challenges to their daily operations. Multiple systems, time investment, team decision making and internal process are all factors that impact bottom lines.

SFP Providers at Work: Innovative Computing Systems

Successful firms know that moving towards the future often means making an investment in the present. That’s the approach Innovative Computing System says it takes with its law firm clients, helping guide them towards the best technology practices for 21st century firms.

Huddle Up! Unmute Yourself: Elevating Your Confidence, Courage and Career

This huddle with Rachel Druckenmiller focused on how successful firms focus on the development of their most important asset, their people.

Huddle Up! Re-evaluating Your Office

f Moving into a hybrid management role requires new skills in your toolbox. Our huddle coach, Judy Hissong, Nesso Strategies, lead our discussion on the…

Business Foundations with The Successful Firm Project

    Business Foundations with The Successful Firm Project ALA partners with new initiative to create a brighter future for law firms Kate Raftery Content…

Innovative Computing Systems

Innovative Computing Systems is the first-choice partner of law firms, legal departments and professional services organizations looking to define or improve a comprehensive IT strategy; implement, integrate and support best-in-class legal and horizontal technologies; enhance cybersecurity and leverage the power of cloud computing.

Huddle Up! 11 Ways Successful Firms Recruit and Develop Talent

There’s nothing that will make a better impact when it comes to firm growth than recruiting and developing talent. Subject Matter Coach Sarah L. Evenson,…

Playbook Event Takeaways from Business Foundations Every Successful Firm Needs

Time, talent, and resources play vital roles in business foundations of successful firms. Our panel of Subject Matter Coaches explored these areas of business interests…

Huddle Up! Takeaways from Business Development for Successful Firms

Growth-minded firms place a priority on business development and that’s why we’ve ask Jim Ries, the Business Development Director for Offit Kurman, to lead us…

Quick Poll: What Perks Attract New Associates to Your Firm?

As most firms prepare for a re-entry or evolution of their workforce environment, a new focus is being placed on what the 21st century attorney finds valuable in their compensation and benefits package. What types of benefit has your firm embraced to attract associates in 2021? Take this one-question poll and compare your answer with other firms.

How to Tackle Unconscious Biases

Everyone has these biases; here’s how you can keep them from seeping into your hiring process.

In 2018, a study revealed that racial and gender bias are still widespread within the legal industry. In fact, 63% of women of color reported that they had to go “above and beyond” to gain the same recognition as their coworkers. Furthermore, men of color and white women reported feeling like they were held to higher standards more often than white men.

Quick Poll: Building a Firm Foundation

Law firms are evolving to meet business and client needs for a new age. Understanding how strategy will inform firm operations and business overall will require regular check-ins with senior leadership and your workforce. Take this quick poll to select the strategic element is most important for your firm’s business strategy moving forward.

3 Questions: Marketing Your Firm

In our “3 Questions” series, we ask top industry professionals to answer three questions within their area of expertise. In this edition, we’re talking about the importance of marketing your firm with Michele Correnti, Owner of Correnti Marketing + Events LLC. 

Huddle Up! Top Takeaways on Technology Trends in Successful Firms

Running your firm more like a business, attracting and retaining top clients and talent and navigating hybrid work environments all require technology adoption. During this…

Huddle Up! Top Takeaways on How Successful Firms are Engaging their Workforce in 2021

As firms develop and attract talent in the coming years, employee engagement has elevated to a critical performance factor for successful law firms in 2021….

Best Practices for Adopting Client-Driven Practice Tools

As legal tech continues to rise, how you approach these platforms is more important than ever.

More and more corporate clients are asking law firms to partner with them in using project management tools and other platforms to streamline their work together. For many administrators, this means not only learning how to use these platforms themselves but also coming up with ways to effectively train lawyers and staff on them.