Practical Steps to Upgrade Your Law Firm’s Cybersecurity Today

1.0 Development Hour for Live Attendance

Tue, April 18, 2023 - 12:00PM - 1:00PM (EST)

Tom Lambotte
BobaGuard, CEO

As a law firm, protecting your client and business data is paramount, but cybersecurity can be daunting. In this practical “how-to” webinar, we’ll explore the most effective and modern cybersecurity solutions the most cyber-ready small and mid-size firms leverage to stop cybercriminals and protect their vital client data. In this SFP Playbook Event, BobaGuard CEO & Founder Tom Lambotte will share how to:

  • Understand the importance of effective cybersecurity for law firms and identify common vulnerabilities.
  • Learn practical steps to upgrade your firm’s cybersecurity, including setup, configuration, training, and continuous improvement.
  • Discover modern cybersecurity solutions used by other small and mid-size firms to protect client data and apply them to your firm.
  • Gain insights into assessing cybersecurity risk, developing policies and procedures, and planning for incident response.
  • Take actionable guidance on how to approach cybersecurity for your law firm and protect your clients, business, and reputation.
Tom Lambotte

Tom Lambotte


Leading cybersecurity authority Tom Lambotte is the founder and chief executive officer of Ohio-based BobaGuard, a preeminent name in the fight to keep small and mid-size law-firm client data and work products safe from cybercriminals.

Tom is coveted as a speaker at industry events, such as the American Bar Association’s Techshow and MacTrack Legal. He often shares his insights at ABA-sponsored CLE events and has authored three books, the most recent, Macs in Law, published by the American Bar Association.

Additionally, Tom’s cutting-edge ideas have gained attention and traction through his articles in ABA Law Practice Today, Law Practice Magazine, Legal Talk Network, Michigan Bar Journal, Attorney at Work, Legal Productivity, and other prestigious periodicals. Tom is also the founder and chief executive officer of GlobalMac IT, a managed services provider for small Mac-based law firms throughout the US.

Tom and his wife live in Chardon, OH, with their four adopted children, mother-in-law, two dogs, and a bunny named Flop-Flop.