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Practical Steps to Upgrade Your Law Firm’s Cybersecurity Today

As a law firm, protecting your client and business data is paramount, but cybersecurity can be daunting. In this practical “how-to” webinar, we’ll explore the…

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Successful Firm Playbook Event: How Successful Firms Can Build Lasting Client Relationships

In the age of hybrid and remote work, authentically keeping in touch with current and past clients remains a challenge.  Do these questions resonate with you?…

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Playbook Event: Improve Workflow and Increase Your Firm’s Profit Through Process Mapping

Just because something has “always been done that way” doesn’t mean that’s the best way to do it. Join this Successful Firm Playbook Event to…

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Successful Firm Playbook Event: How Successful Firms Manage the Underperforming Partner

All firms have it. Leadership hopes it will fix itself, but it won’t. Dealing with underperforming partners is one of those topics that make managing…


Huddle Q&A Today: ALA Annual Conference Highlights

Tune into this Q&A Today event to learn about the highlights from ALA’s Annual Conference and Expo. Conference speaker Tiffany Ho-Rivera, Chair of the ALA…

Playbook Events

Successful Firm Playbook Event: 5 Ways the Legal Industry is Evolving and How Your Firm Can Evolve With It

Engaging clients and attracting high-performing talent is the lifeline of all law firms. Is your firm meeting the growing expectations of current and prospective clients and the attorneys who serve them? This 1-hour virtual workshop will address five ways the legal industry is changing and how firms of all sizes and practice areas can evolve with it. Affinity Consulting’s Debbie Foster has worked with legal teams for over 20 years and will address the five reoccurring themes she currently sees with clients across the industry. Areas of focus will include:

  1. Why hybrid work environments are here to stay
  2. Meaningful steps toward better communication between attorneys and administrators
  3. How to select and implement the right kind of technology
  4. Why process improvement leads to a stronger firm culture
  5. A new way of looking at compensation