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The Role of Tech in Client Communications

In the last year, many legal organizations have done a good job of focusing on their internal technological needs. But fewer have fully explored how technology can enhance their client relationships.

Pandemic Liability Protections Aren’t Immunity

Demonstrating proof that your law firm has complied with all applicable COVID-19 workplace safety protocols will be critical to a defense against lawsuits, insurance claims and affordable liability insurance coverage in the new normal. Like any risk management strategy, understanding the when, why and how can be daunting — especially in a scenario like an unprecedented pandemic, when guidelines and regulations were ever-changing and differed from state to state.

Who’s the E-Billing Boss? Likely Your Client

As more clients dictate e-billing processes, legal organizations of all sizes will need to get acquainted with outside counsel guidelines. Pop quiz: Who controls legal billing and case management: the law firm or the client?

Making Mental Health Matter

This CE course offers a real conversation about creating an agenda of change in legal organizations.

Top Talent Wants a Lifestyle, Not a Workplace

In 2020, businesses faced demands for radical transparency. Across the professional service industries, including law, the calls were often coming from inside the house.

Virtual Care Makes Mental Health More Accessible for Employees

It has been said, in nearly every way possible, that 2020 was a brutally tough year. While the year definitely presented many challenges, there were also many learning opportunities.

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