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3 Questions: Marketing Your Firm

In our “3 Questions” series, we ask top industry professionals to answer three questions within their area of expertise. In this edition, we’re talking about the importance of marketing your firm with Michele Correnti, Owner of Correnti Marketing + Events LLC. 

Huddle Up! Top Takeaways on Technology Trends in Successful Firms

Running your firm more like a business, attracting and retaining top clients and talent and navigating hybrid work environments all require technology adoption. During this…

Huddle Up! Top Takeaways on How Successful Firms are Engaging their Workforce in 2021

As firms develop and attract talent in the coming years, employee engagement has elevated to a critical performance factor for successful law firms in 2021….

Best Practices for Adopting Client-Driven Practice Tools

As legal tech continues to rise, how you approach these platforms is more important than ever.

More and more corporate clients are asking law firms to partner with them in using project management tools and other platforms to streamline their work together. For many administrators, this means not only learning how to use these platforms themselves but also coming up with ways to effectively train lawyers and staff on them.

SFP Huddle: Top Takeaways from Making Mental Health Matter

James Cornell, the Office Administrator for Shook, Hardy & Bacon, was the featured Subject Matter Coach for the Successful Firm Project’s inaugural huddle: How Successful…

Responding to Stressful Workday Situations

If we look closely at how we think throughout a workday, it turns out that for most of the day we’re simply bouncing from thought to thought — without much awareness of the quality of those thoughts.

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