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Keys for Connection

Poll: Getting Original With Origination

Over the past two years, what is your firm’s most successful approach to engaging new potential clients? Take this one question poll.

Poll: Cyber Security Tactics

Law firms are often susceptible to cyber security risk as they collect sensitive client, financial, credit and organizational data. See how your firm’s cyber security approach compares to your peers.

The Shadow Pandemic: How Firm Staff Can Show Up for Struggling Employees

In the past two years, humans have had a collective moment when it comes to mental health and well-being. No person has been immune to the disruption, fear and insecurity that the COVID-19 pandemic has ignited. We regularly hear about the cost and consequences of isolation and loneliness. The increase during COVID is staggering: A recent study by the Integrated Benefits Institute indicates a 400% increase in anxiety and depression directly related to COVID-19.

Law Firm Pricing and Budgeting Trends for Optimized Profitability

In August 2021, BigHand gathered 800 responses to an industry survey from senior legal finance professionals, managing partners and legal pricing managers in firms of over 100 lawyers in North America and the United Kingdom. The resulting report is an accurate view of the latest legal pricing and matter budgeting trends.

The Big Quit

How to keep the Great Resignation from visiting your firm.

There’s an exodus happening in many workplaces. According to the most recently released U.S. Department of Labor data, workers are walking away from their jobs, voluntarily, in record numbers. In November 2021, more than 4.5 million people joined the Great Resignation, re-evaluating their careers and searching for different opportunities.


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