Destination Development: A Successful Firm’s Approach to People, Process and Profit Successful Firm Playbook Event Register Now Tue, February 8 - 12:00PM (EST) William P. Cannon Principal and Department Chair
Offit Kurman
Desiree Gareau Tony Gerdes E-Knowledge and Innovation Manager
Offit Kurman
Director of Knowledge and Innovation
Offit Kurman
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Goal Setting in 2022

Organically Connected: How One Firm’s Quest to Attract Top Talent Made Them a National Leader in Diversity

When Les Bookoff and Roland McAndrews established their patent counseling and prosecution firm in 2012, they made recruiting and retaining the industry’s top talent their primary focus. Nearly a decade later, the byproduct of that approach is a nationally recognized firm — both for the work they do and the diverse team of attorneys who do it.

Huddle Up! How Technology Competency Drives Firm Profitability

In this panel discussion, members of LTC4™ (Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition) will demonstrate how successful firms become more profitable through technology competency. In this presentation, you will learn how technology competence impacts profitability through: Onboarding new hires effectively, improving billable time collection and reducing security risks.


IVIONICS Legal strives to provide a deep understanding of existing processes unique to law firms and in-house counsel. IVIONICS works to provide ROI positive best in breed products & services and implementing a can’t fail methodology inspired by the Avionics discipline to ensure the safety and security of practice and client information.

Poll: Terrific Tech Adoption

Law firms of all sizes regularly rank technology training as a challenge for both lawyer and legal management personnel. What training element below is most impactful for successful tech adoption at your firm?

Huddle Up! Relationships to Revenue: How Authenticity and Generosity Accelerate Growth

This huddle with Deb Knupp focused on how successful firms approach their business development strategy.

Playbook Takeaways: Growth Mindset

Growth begins as an intentional decision. Consider a strategic plan to set goals, targets and timelines. Management teams use strategic plans as an ongoing guide when making firm-wide decisions. Timothy Lynch, President of Offit Kurman, joined The Successful Firm Project to discuss how Offit Kurman utilizes a growth mindset in all aspects of the firm.

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