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Blueprint: How Successful Firms Lead with LinkedIn

Law firms that view LinkedIn as a business tool rather than a social network can improve origination, strengthen current client relationships and recruit new talent. Download this Successful Firm Project Playbook Blueprint featuring the insights of subject matter expert Colleen McKenna to begin to build a comprehensive LinkedIn strategy.

8 Strategies to Promote Mental Health and Well-Being at Your Firm

No one said being a lawyer was easy. Pop culture depicts attorneys as overworked, competitive individuals who feed on adrenaline and stress. This persona is fed by expectations to work long hours and bring in new clients. And now, with the promulgation of work-from-home arrangements, the demarcation line between work and family is blurred, if not obliterated.

Improve Confidence in Your Firm by Enhancing Your Team’s Executive Presence

Attorneys and legal professionals often spend their days entrenched in the written word, but knowing how to effectively deliver the spoken word is an increasingly important skill for 21st century legal teams. Knowing what to say and how to say it can help firms successfully attract talent, obtain new business, and secure favorable rulings. Learn how improved presentation and communication skills elevate executive presence.

Modrall Sperling capitalizes on ProLaw’s comprehensive calendaring solution

Read the case study – and learn why ProLaw is a rock-solid solution for law firm risk management on the Thomson Reuters website.

Solving the Overtime Puzzle

The overtime provisions of wage and hour legislation have long bedeviled law firms. But instituting the right policies and procedures has become more difficult than ever with the increasing trend toward working from home. How can hours be tracked accurately when remote workers forget to log in before starting work? Or spend a few minutes here and there in the evenings tackling emails?

Poll: What Is Your Firm Prioritizing to Be Successful into 2023?

Firms are working through a competitive landscape for their people, process and profit. As your firm approaches 2023, what topics or competencies does your team need support with to ensure successful business operations?

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