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Goal Setting in 2022

How Legal Organizations Can Restructure Their Culture and Adapt to Changing Norms

Employees are driving the industry to make positive shifts in the work environment.

It’s no secret that law firms are typically traditional when it comes to culture. They may have set working hours every day and are not as flexible as other companies. They might encourage competition, expect lawyers and staff to give their all to their jobs, and not be concerned about burnout, even though it’s quite common.

How to Spot the Early Signs of a Ransomware Attack — and Take Action

Ransomware will cost the economy $20 billion in 2021 — and the legal industry is not immune from this threat. In fact, lawyers, legal staff, law firms and court systems are rich targets for cybercriminals because they are trusted with a significant amount of sensitive data.

Does Your Firm Know When It’s at Risk of Losing Employees?

As employees gain the upper hand in the job market, watch out for these warning signs of departure. Here’s a tough but critically important question: Does your firm know when it’s at risk of losing its employees?

The Importance of Pro Bono Work in Your Practice

Pro bono work can touch nearly every part of your career, from your personal development to your community impact, making it a vital activity for anyone serious about the legal profession. Here are just a few elements that make pro bono work such a critical part of legal work.

Affinity Consulting Group

At Affinity Consulting, we inspire, enable, and empower legal teams to work more efficiently. Our holistic approach addresses the roles of people, process and technology in optimizing law firm performance.

Developing a Growth Mindset with The Successful Firm Project

In this article, a successful firm shares its strategy for growing business, staff and revenue.

Successful Firm Mission:  Inspire success for law firm teams through shared experiences, resources and networking.  

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