Information is arguably the greatest asset for every attorney.


IVIONICS – Legal Intelligence provides legal operations management consulting, capitalizing on proven process management principles to help legal teams exceed client expectations in generating consistent, high-quality services.  More simply put – we utilize technology as a tool in transforming law firms and legal departments into leaders in their respective areas of focus.

Attention to detail is paramount when undergoing any change which is the fundamental reason IVIONICS’ methodologies have originated from those in the aviation industry with a zero tolerance for failure. Redundancy, checklists, planning and oversight are embedded in the company’s work process and culture.  In the same manner avionics assist in navigating an aircraft on its mission, IVIONICS captures both the internal and external environments to provides the systems and process to navigate law firms and legal departments in exceeding their goals.

Typical objectives, such as increased profitability and client service, stem from productivity enhancements requiring a solid Data Governance (DG) foundation.  Most client over-simplify the importance of a DG program which inevitably becomes the root-cause for not achieving their goals.  This was the primary reason the IVIOINCS maturity model was created – from strategy to production.  It facilitates the basic to the most complex transformation processes; saving time and money while reducing risk.



We help firms succeed by: Utilizing technology as a tool in transforming law firms and legal departments into leaders in their respective areas of focus.

Our services are important to firms because: Market leaders in the legal industry are successfully leveraging mobility, cloud computing, data analytics, business intelligence, and AI in their transformational efforts because they've realized the prerequisite is a solid data governance foundation. Whether creating a competitive advantage or adhering to your client's compliance requirements, start by improving your information management so that information can drive productivity enhancements.   

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Improve matter management and operational efficiencies.

Strategic recommendations from software selection, process, and data governance improvements.

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