Running your firm more like a business, attracting and retaining top clients and talent and navigating hybrid work environments all require technology adoption. During this week's Huddle lead by Successful Firm Huddle Coach Christopher Zegers, The Director of Consulting at Ivionics, the SFP network shared that over 65% of their firms approach technology adoption with a growth mindset. The following are some of the critical takeaways shared.

Streamline Workflow, Enhance User Productivity and Protect Digital Assets

Understanding the process analysis of our teams, how they use data and how that data connects across the firms' universe aids in creating privacy laws.

Process Discovery

  • Application Usage
  • Data Inventory
  • Data Protection Impact Analysis
  • Data Integration Points
  • Reporting and Automation

Informed Procurement

Speaking with your teams and involving IT before procurement is one of the best ways to gather requirements, develop checklists for demos, address privacy and security concerns and address firm-wide benefits and ramifications that come with technology adoption.

Project Management 

Instilling a project management feedback loop within your organization allows for continuous improvement, ensures procurement and adoption and gives your firm global oversight of the portfolio.

Security Program

Training is an integral part of security. Learning mindset accompanies growth mindset and allows teams to approach support with fresh outcomes and obtain and retain clients and talent alike.

Navigating Hybrid Work Environments

Having a procurement and project management loop informs your security program, and providing education around technical risks and prevention is key to compliance. Assess your risk, prevent if possible, and monitor and respond when necessary.

Christopher Zegers
Director of Consulting, Legal, IVIONICS

Chris Zegers is the Director of Consulting – Legal. Chris is responsible for providing IVIONICS’ law firm and corporate legal department clients with legal operations management consulting, capitalizing on proven process management principles and a team of legal tech, development, infrastructure, cloud and security experts to help legal teams exceed client expectations and generate consistent, high-quality products and services. Before Chris’ arrival at IVIONICS, he spent 22 years guiding law firm leaders through endless innovations required to ensure exceptional client service and process efficiency. Chris managed teams upwards of 30 and budgets upwards of $10 million. He was most recently Chief Information Officer of a prominent national firm of 300 attorneys. Chris is a frequent author and speaker on legal processes, risk management and cyber security. Chris earned his Master’s Degree from the University of Michigan School of Information, and is Vice President of the Board of Directors of Jersey Cares. In his off time, Chris enjoys traveling and playing music with his family and friends.