Does your firm have a plan to meet your 2022 goals? 43% of the SFP community said they have goals but they do not have a clear way to measure progress.

Founder & LAB Chair of the Successful Firm Project, Sean Soth, lead SFP's first huddle of 2022 with actionable steps on how successful organizations set goals.


What We Learned from Our Coach

Determining the type of goals that are best for ourselves and our team is the first step in approaching successful goal setting.


Goals are a Gateway to Our Best Selves

In any capacity, goals are capable of helping us develop. How do we do that? It's through improving where we are now through our professional and personal work. Appreciate those small steps!


Embrace your Starting Point and Share It

High performers treat goals like they are reviewing a map. There is a destination, but you need to know where you are starting from to understand the right direction to take. We have to be able to state and embrace our starting point.


"Be STUBBORN, DEDICATED, Committed to this goal, and flexible about your methods." - UNKNOWN

Commit to a Timeline

Ask yourself, "When do you want this result? When does it need to become a reality?" Let this help determine when you will start.


Who and How: Who will Support your Goal?

Know who is involved and why are they important to your goal. What does your goal mean to your colleagues? Think about what gaps you might need to bridge in order to make your goal become a reality.

Accept there are Challenges Ahead

An ounce of prevention is a pound of results. Challenges are part of the process and we have to embrace them as such.


75% of SFP subscribers say time is the biggest obstacle ahead to reach their organization's goals

Create Action Plans

State your goal and reverse engineer it. Be detailed and specific. If the step is too broad, it will seem too great a distance to cross. It's ok to have big, overarching goals, but you need to have a plan to get there. 


Visualize How Achievement Will Impact You

Make room for your goals today and understand your firm priorities. Will it give your firm more time? Improve productivity? Profitability? 


A well-organized day helps successful firms prioritize people, processes, and profit. Commit to identifying a daily approach to achievement, get organized, get productive and begin reaching your goals today! 

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Sean Soth

Founder & LAB Chair, The Successful Firm Project