ALA’s Annual Conference provides the legal management community the opportunity to stay connected, network, and learn with their peers. With a combination of educational programs, networking opportunities and thought-provoking presentations, it’s the industry’s premier Annual Event.

Conference speaker Tiffany Ho-Rivera, Chair of the ALA Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Committee, shared some of her top takeaways from the annual event with the SFP community.

Conference Prep. Getting the Most Out of Your Conference Experience

  • Before attending an event, discuss with your managing partner the areas firm wants to explore.
  • Continue a running list of the topics that stood out, then revisit following the conference.

*Tip: Utilize the conference app!

Navigating the Expo Hall

  • Consider the solutions your firm is looking to explore within the next year and explore what options are being offered.
  • Prioritize your firm’s needs. Gain an understanding of what some of the decision making might be for the executive membership team.
  • Consider developing email templates to say “yes” or “no” to exhibitors your firm has an interest in working with.

From the Chat: “Even if your firm does not have an immediate need for a service, it’s good to know about the business partners so you can share that info with your peers.”

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Hybrid workplace (building a culture and adapting a workflow)
  • New technology to assist in legal practice management
  • Tools to help start and continue DEIA initiatives at firms
  • Performance Management session: structured rubrics and narrowed down ranking system were explored

DEIA Toolkit:

The DEIA Committee hosted a session that highlighted the value of ALA's DEIA toolkit which is accessible to all ALA members. Tiffany stressed that the younger generation of the workforce is focused on finding inclusive cultures when considering employment opportunities. ALA’s DEIA Committee’s toolkit can be a resource to chapters and members who are looking to make progress in DEIA initiatives and firm culture.

Key Trends for the Legal Industry in 2022:

  • Great Resignation: tools to help improve culture and retain/attract talent
  • Increased time devoted to DEIA
  • Compensation
  • Cyber risk
  • Performance management

Whether your conference goals are educational or network driven, Tiffany reminded us that it’s essential to show up and meet from a place of authenticity and stay true to your mission and vision of the firm.

About the Presenter

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Tiffany Ho-Rivera

Tiffany Ho joined the legal industry in 2012 at a multinational law firm with offices in the US and Asia. Since joining Rogoway Law Group’s San Francisco office in 2017, Tiffany oversees the firm’s human resources, finance, administrative operations, and marketing functionality as the Director of Operations. She works closely with the Managing Partner as a strategic partner on business planning and practice management. Tiffany is the Vice Chair of ALA Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Committee (2021-2022). Prior to joining the legal industry, Tiffany spent over six years working with children and families with special needs. She remains a strong advocate to amplify voices that have been silenced and to empower those without power.