From daily contract execution to the details of M&A transactions, legal teams are essential to business growth and success. Providing convenience and security to sign and notarize documents is key. With eNotaryLog, we help you reduce the paper and provide an anytime, anywhere online service to your customers.


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Legal Solutions

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Custom Data Retention

Flexible data retention policies meet the demands of your business.

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Private and Secure

Industry-leading security and privacy policies ensuring data is stored and transmitted securely. SOC 2 compliant and MISMO certified.


Accelerate Business Growth

Spend more time with clients elevating the customer experience and less time on physical paperwork.

Better Client Experience

Don’t make your clients come to the office to complete paperwork. Take your process fully digital and create a better client experience.

eSign and Notarize in One

Use eNotaryLog’s intuitive dashboard for eSignature and remote online notarizations. Provide a better way to manage digital documents and workflows.

Improved Efficiency

Streamline data with open APIs and integrations. Multiple eNote vault integrations provide in-app eNote signing capabilities.

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