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Poll: Digital Presence and Your Firm

Working to gain approval, implementation and execution can sometimes cause analysis paralysis. Which statement below best describes your firm’s approach to having an online presence?

Poll: The Underperforming Partner

Does your firm have a plan to manage the underperforming partner?

Poll: Getting Original With Origination

Over the past two years, what is your firm’s most successful approach to engaging new potential clients? Take this one question poll.

Poll: Cyber Security Tactics

Law firms are often susceptible to cyber security risk as they collect sensitive client, financial, credit and organizational data. See how your firm’s cyber security approach compares to your peers.

POLL: Does Your Firm Have a Plan to Reach 2022 Goals?

Goals can be a motivating ideal for professionals and the teams they serve. How you and your firm interact with those goals can make a difference in the personal and professional growth ahead in 2022.

Poll: Terrific Tech Adoption

Law firms of all sizes regularly rank technology training as a challenge for both lawyer and legal management personnel. What training element below is most impactful for successful tech adoption at your firm?

Poll: Growth Mindset

A growth mindset can be a powerful cultural advantage for personal and professional development. A solid start incorporates a firm’s strategy, progress measures, and the ability to perform the necessary operations required to move projects or people forward. When a team or individual better understands how their contributions impact the firm’s work, growth happens.

Poll: Financial Roadblocks

Finance teams face a variety of challenges to their daily operations. Multiple systems, time investment, team decision making and internal process are all factors that impact bottom lines.

Quick Poll: What Perks Attract New Associates to Your Firm?

As most firms prepare for a re-entry or evolution of their workforce environment, a new focus is being placed on what the 21st century attorney finds valuable in their compensation and benefits package. What types of benefit has your firm embraced to attract associates in 2021? Take this one-question poll and compare your answer with other firms.

Quick Poll: Building a Firm Foundation

Law firms are evolving to meet business and client needs for a new age. Understanding how strategy will inform firm operations and business overall will require regular check-ins with senior leadership and your workforce. Take this quick poll to select the strategic element is most important for your firm’s business strategy moving forward.