5 Ways the Legal Industry is Evolving

A 2022 report by The Center on Ethics and the Legal Profession at the Georgetown University Law Center and the Thomson Reuters Institute asked associates what they liked best about their law firms. While 9% listed compensation and benefits as the top factor, the report said more selected their colleagues (30%), law firm culture (22%), quality of work (21%), and flexible work practices (20%).

This Successful Firm Project Playbook Event examined five ways firms can evolve to attract and retain top talent and improve firm profitability.

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Debbie Foster

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SFP Playbook Blueprints

Blueprint downloads highlight the key takeaways shared during the corresponding Successful Firm Project Playbook Event. These 1-hour virtual learning opportunities are open to all legal professionals and focus on the business health of firms. In addition to the download, you may view the 1-hour event recording here.