The following article was written in February 2022 by Jason Levin, a Successful Firm Project subject matter coach and the author of Relationships to Infinity: The Art and Science of Keeping in Touch. It originally appeared here.

Read on for some actionable tips to bring your keep-in-touch intentions to life in this year.

The past two years of remote and hybrid work has made it more challenging than ever to stay connected with colleagues, clients, business partners, law school classmates and even your own friends and family.

Frankly, for many attorneys, keeping in touch can seem both overwhelming and daunting.  Where should I begin? Where will I find the time?  Will they really want to talk to me? Will my outreach feel authentic? The reality is that we all need to be connected.  If you are reading this article, then consider today a perfect day to get back in touch with someone.

Here are some actionable tips to bring your keep-in-touch intentions to life:

Add time entries into your calendar – Set up a time block on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.  Give the time block a name such as “Keep in Touch,” “KIT” or “Catch Up.”  The time block can even be as short as 15 minutes.  Recognize that if you were to start today and do this on a monthly basis, you would be back in touch with 11 people by the end of the year.

Begin to list people you want to reconnect with – You may want to reconnect with a classmate from law school whom you have not spoken to in four years.  Or a former colleague who went from your firm to in-house role and you lost touch two years ago.  Or a mentor who helped you land that first client in your firm and has now retired.

Identify the tool you wish use to make your list – You can make the list in your phone notes.  You can use an Excel file.  You can use a notebook.  This does not need to be complicated.  However, this list does need to be able to work for you.

Professional gratitude – Sharing gratitude is a wonderful way to reconnect with someone.  What do you remember about them?  Can you share a specific memory about how they made a positive difference in your life? People are always happy to be appreciated and remembered.

Pick your communication tool – If you know your contact is on social media, then use a direct message.  If you have their phone number, feel free to send a text.  If you have their email, then put in the Re: “Hi First Name – Let’s Catch Up.”

The reality is that keeping in touch is more about doing basic things consistently over time. So don’t overthink this process.  Here’s to more keeping in touch in 2022!

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