In our "3 Questions" series, we ask top industry professionals to answer three questions within their area of expertise. In this edition, we're talking about the importance of marketing your firm with Michele Correnti, Owner of Correnti Marketing + Events LLC

1. How can all law firms, regardless of size or services, benefit from a deliberate marketing plan?

Instead of relying on referrals and business development, marketing puts the power back in your control. You get to decide what message goes out to which audience. If you want more clients in one service area, you can focus your marketing efforts on that service and why prospects should choose you over your competitors. And you get to build a relationship with your audience, helping them to better understand your services and sharing information that is important to their needs.

2. What are the initial steps to building a law firm marketing strategy?

The first step to any great marketing strategy is to uncover your law firm's brand—Who are you? Why was your firm founded? What is your firm working towards? Who are your ideal clients? Once you have answered branding questions like these, you can then determine your goals and objectives to create a marketing strategy that is tailored to your needs.

3. What can law firms do to begin marketing?

Once you know your brand and its objectives, the best thing you can do is to not be afraid to get started! Start small and work your way up from there.
Want to remind your clients, prospects, and referrals what you do? Send a monthly email newsletter to share your educational blog posts, firm announcements, and important industry updates. Want to increase your audience and improve your brand's recognition? Share relevant posts on social media. Focus on what you do, so your audience begins to associate you with your services.
The sky is the limit—especially when it comes to digital marketing!

Michele Correnti
Owner of Correnti Marketing + Events LLC

Michele Correnti is the Owner of Correnti Marketing + Events, the outsourced CMO for lawyers and professional service firms. Her team helps law firms that want to market but do not know where to start. They start by building your brand's foundation and guiding you to the right marketing strategy. To learn more, please visit