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New Data Shows Value and Differentiation Key to Legal Business

The Thomson Reuters Institute’s “2023 Report on the State of the Legal Market” shows how decreased demand, rising expenses, changing client preferences, and economic turmoil are impacting the profitability of firms. In this interview, Bill Josten, Legal Marketplace Innovations Insights Strategist for the Thomson Reuters Institute, shares key findings from the report and what firms can learn.

Playbook Preview: Importance of Cybersecurity for All Law Firms

If there’s one thing on everyone’s mind, it’s cybersecurity. It’s a topic that just can’t be ignored, no matter the size of your firm. Read this quick guide on why cybersecurity matters, how to conquer the task of implementation and cybersecurity bottlenecks, and an easy first step your firm can take to begin. Join Tom Lambotte for this April Playbook Event.

Professional Development is the Antidote to The Great Resignation… and The Great Regret

A record number of Americans left the workforce in 2021 in a movement that became known as “The Great Resignation.” An estimated 47 million workers left over COVID concerns, retired early, or reassessed priorities and lifestyle. Now a different trend is emerging as a new study shows “The Great Resignation” is giving way to “The Great Regret.”

Blueprint: 5 Ways the Legal Industry is Evolving

This Successful Firm Project Playbook Event examined five ways firms can evolve to attract and retain top talent and improve firm profitability.

Blueprint: A Successful Firm’s Approach to People, Process and Profit

Professional development is critical for moving team members from the sidelines into active contributors to firm culture and growth. Download this Playbook Blueprint to discover new ideas for your firm’s people, process and profit.

Connect at ALA Conference 2023 {VIDEO}

Join the Association of Legal Administrators May 7–10, in Seattle, Washington, at ALA’s 2023 Annual Conference & Expo, for the unmatched opportunity to make BIG connections within the collaborative ALA community.

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