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Goal Setting in 2022

9 Tips for Better Email Management for Lawyers

Email management for lawyers and professionals across most industries is a constant uphill battle. In fact, the average professional spends 28 percent of the workday reading and answering emails, according to McKinsey.

Huddle Up! How Successful Organizations Set Goals

In this huddle about goal setting we shared how firms approach goals, reviewed common practices of successful goal setting and identified daily approaches to achievement.

Successful Firm Daily Planner

Reaching professional goals begins with small obtainable steps. Download this SFP “Get it Done” daily planner to take small steps each day toward reaching your goal.

POLL: Does Your Firm Have a Plan to Reach 2022 Goals?

Goals can be a motivating ideal for professionals and the teams they serve. How you and your firm interact with those goals can make a difference in the personal and professional growth ahead in 2022.

Playbook Takeaways: How Successful Firms Approach Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion within our law firms is an important topic to discuss as it pertains not only to the overall well-being of our firms, but more importantly, the wellbeing of our firms’ most important resources, our people.

Making an Impact in a Whirlwind of Change

As the year winds down, I am trying to reflect back and actually remember what happened in 2021. Forget every day feeling like “Blursday” — this entire year went by in a flash, and I can barely differentiate between 2020 and 2021.

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